Tuesday May 2, 2017 – So that was that, then

Somewhere up in the air, Monday rolled over to Tuesday. Touchdown to connect flights in the Greed Zone known as Doha, Qatar, where suddenly free Wi-Fi no longer means free Wi-Fi. Every little cafe, restaurant, eatery, guesthouse and most small shops in Kathmandu offer free Wi-Fi. They’ll tell you the password, or the waiter will even tap it in for you. Then it works. But back in the polished-chrome-perfume-and-mood-music world, free Wi-Fi means a song and dance about the network, with a message that your computer can’t be found in a database and therefore please reboot; “Google place services” (whatever they are) has stopped working, and if you do get it to connect you find you have 10 minutes of limited bandwidth before you are “invited” to enter all your personal information. At that point you are “entitled” to pay for more access. Monetise, monetise, monetise.

Eventually, the transport machine spits you out, and you really get home. And that was good too.