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Lament for Great Britain

I am angry.

Perhaps it’s against my religion – but I am angry.

I am angry that three years ago I was not allowed a vote in the referendum, because I live in Europe.

I am angry that a referendum – the one about taking away my citizenship as a European – was called for any reason, let alone just in the hope of settling a Tory party squabble.

I am angry about the lies that were told to confuse good people, with genuine concerns about Europe, into thinking that the best solution was to leave.

But they wanted their little Brexit. They wanted Britain to be small again.

I am angry that such a pig’s breakfast has been made of the negotiations.

I am angry that people like Boris “piccaninnies” Johnson was made Foreign Secretary. I am angry that Boris “fuck business ” Johnson is still afforded any space on the political stage.

I am angry that Andrea “broadcasters should be more patriotic” Leadsom is afforded space on the political stage next to Liam “ministerial code breaker” Fox and Chris “couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery but would manage to spend millions on it” Grayling. Who are these goons?

But they want their snivelling Brexit. They want Britain to be mean again.

I am angry that Theresa “hostile environment” May became Prime Minister of a once-great country just because she was the one who had expressed her views less clearly than anyone else.

I am angry that Theresa “my way or highway” May clings so hard to her little Brexit, and that she is willing to countenance a “no-deal” exit for even one second.

I am angry that Theresa “my deal or no deal” May puts the mean and uncaring wing of her party above jobs, above health services, above the lives of immigrants, of expats and of simple citizens, above trade, above security, above business, above industry, above education and above compassion.

But she wants her wretched Brexit. Who cares about consequences?

I am angry that those who place so much store by the “will of the people” are frightened to let the people speak on whether this is what they voted for.

I am angry that the little-Englanders created the impression that the referendum, small as the majority was, had binding force. Legal judgement is that it cannot be voided, in spite of all the irregularities in the campaigning, because it was never binding in the first place. It is not a thing that can be rescinded. It was a mere expression of opinion, and a half-hearted one at that.

I am angry that those who argue that there should not be another referendum because it means asking the same question again and again until you get the right answer nevertheless want to ask Parliament to vote yet again on the twice-rejected deal in the hope of getting the answer that they want.

But they want their scrofulous Brexit. They want to go back to their small-minded, walled-in Little Wet Island, their Little Britain.

There is only one way out:


To put it another way:


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