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Second tries and Brexit

Yes, that topic again.

I heard it again last night:

“MPs voted six-to-one to give the decision to the British people.”

NO THEY DIDN’T! MPs voted six-to-one (I’ll assume that figure is correct) to consult the British people. They did that. They had a referendum. An advisory one, as usual, not a binding referendum. We all know that by a small margin on that day the vote went in favour of leaving. An equivocal result, more of an “Errmm…” than a mandate.

The High Court ruled with some clarity that the government must have the approval of parliament before triggering Article 50. And here’s the puzzle:

  • even though most of the Brexit promises fell apart within hours and days of the referendum,
  • even though the depressing price to be paid in terms of increased cost of living, job losses, and opportunity losses have got clearer and clearer as the months have gone by,
  • even though the lies repeated again and again by the “leave” campaign are now staring us in the face

– leavers still want to remainers to “accept the result” as being the “will of the people”.* “No second referendum”, they cry, “just because you didn’t get the result you wanted the first time”. But they want to go back to court and have another try at bypassing Parliament, just because they didn’t get the result they wanted the first time. Consistent, or what?

*Whatever the “will of the people” is actually supposed to be. It’s not a concept I entirely grasp.

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