Saturday May 19th, 2012. Posted by Alex:

Family in April

This will only be interesting to people who know us. (Some pictures have been removed at the request of the subjects.)

I went to the UK in April (yes, blogging late again) to see as much family as I could. The country is becoming swamped by fast food outlets – pizzerias, burgerias, sandwicherias and pastyerias on every corner and many points between.

I tried to get a taste of England while I was there: I ate a pasty on the platform of Leeds railway station, I drank warm beer in the Nailers’ Arms, took in a Builders’ Special from the greasy spoon opposite St Martin in the Bull Ring, got an excellent curry near the railway station in Bromsgrove, had a sandwich from Griggs and sampled fish and chips in the Worcestershire countryside and from Westoe Road, South Shields.

Seeing as how I’m late, here are just a few snaps to share. I want to blog in praise of Birmingham market, but will add that at a later stage.

Here are snaps.

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

With niece Indy

Aunt Trudie


Greasy spoon

View from greasy spoon

Bullring again

Stunning red brick

Rotunda – yes, really Birmingham

South Shields beach
Caitlin, Robert, Pinnochio, Pinnochio
Kevi (he hates that!)
Ginny, Robert

Caitlin’s poem

Fun outside Bowes Museum

Leeds indoor market

Doc Poll

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