Wednesday November 16th, 2011. Posted by Alex:

Helicopters abound

Stuff has really been going on! A few days ago I walked up the hill and saw that the bridge to Castagnetoli was in exactly the same state (see earlier post), and the only activity was the harvesting of fallen trees. If and when there was going to be any attempt to replace this bridge, I have no idea.
To be quite honest, I also have no idea whether this morning’s activity has anything to do with the bridge, but I can’t think of any other explanation. I had heard a little helicopter activity early on, but didn’t think much of it, as helicopters have been around quite a lot over the last two or three weeks carrying emergency supplies, surveying and so on. But when I took the dogs out I saw there were two of them parked in the village! One in the bit of waste ground that serves as a car park for the social club, one in a tiny field next to it. As the morning has gone by they have been ferrying large buckets (I can’t think of a better word) of concrete from mixer trucks to a place that can not be more than 1 minute’s flight away. Pictures and video follow.
Coming in with an empty bucket:

Changing buckets:


Video (yes, I got grit and twigs in my hair taking this):

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  • Russ

    Alex, we also saw the helicopters from the Castagnetoli side. They weren’t doing anything with the bridge, they landed just further round on the road to Serola. It looked like they were repairing electricity pylons.



  • Alex

    Yes, I later came to realise that that is exactly what they were doing. Helicoptering electricity poles kind of gave it away!
    Although an admittedly temporary and makeshift replacement bridge is now in place. More a triumph of ingenuity than a triumph of engineering, I’d say. I hope to post a picture soon.

  • Russ

    Ha ha, I look forward to seeing that picture! Should I bring my lego with me next time?

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