Wednesday November 16th, 2011. Posted by Alex:

A few figures about the rainfall

The epicenter of the storm on 25 October was Brugnato, in the Val di Vara, which is just about 8 miles as the crow flies south-west of where we live. By road, it would be a great deal further, as there are mountains reaching up to 1000 m in between. They recorded what is described as the “appalling” amount of 540 mm in less than 24 hours . One might bear in mind that according to figures I’ve just looked up, Birmingham receives an average of 762 mm in a whole year. 455 mm were recorded at Calice al Cornoviglio, and the third place in the figures I saw was taken by Pontremoli itself, , just a little north of here. The station recorded 376.4 mm (including 370.8 on Tuesday) – almost exactly half of Birmingham’s annual rainfall. They have been keeping records therefore 120 years, and this was the highest figure ever recorded. The previous figure was a “mere” 282 mm, measured on August 25, 1952. Monterosso appeared quite a lot on the news, as it is a particularly attractive, though tiny, tourist destination on the coast, where huge damage was done by the floodwater and mud running through the town. They recorded 320 mm.

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